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It took me quite awhile to find someone who I trusted and someone who I felt was knowledgeable and who understood my journey. When I met Cathy, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. Cathy is not only incredibly intuitive and highly gifted, she is down to earth and practical which is something I appreciate. I love her to pieces and I truly consider her family. She has taught me so much and I am so very grateful she was brought across my path just at the moment I needed her most. 

S. J.

Talk about finding a diamond of a person and a healer. I’m not sure if I can ever express my gratitude for the work she did for me. I have worked with other healers in the past who are gifted but I have to say that there was something so profound that I experienced in my first session with Cathy.
She brought light, healing and closure to something that was deep seated and I experienced such an incredible sense of relief and peace.
I hope that anyone that is looking for healing, growth, releasing or whatever your focus is finds my review to know they are in incredibly gifted and trusted hands.

M. M. 

I did my first crystal Reiki session with Cathy and it was amazing. I am vibrating so much higher than I was. I plan on seeing her often while on my jounrey. Thank you for creating space in my life for love and light.

C. A.

Reiki Renewal is one of those places where you enter and immediately feel the tranquility and peace. The surroundings are lovely and when Cathy greets you with a welcoming greeting and hug – you immediately feel at ease. I was in a car accident with resulting spinal fractures and have experienced constant pain, although the level changes depending on what activity I am attempting. (Not much had been attempted since; however). The two Reiki healing sessions with Cathy have been amazing with the lowest pain level achieved since the accident. After each one hour session, I have felt more energy, lighter, more peaceful and able to do more of the activities I enjoy. Prior to the accident, I also had the privilege of attending a Reiki class taught by Cathy. She is a patient, kind and knowledgeable teacher as well as a wonderful practitioner. I plan to continue my journey of healing in her excellent care.

K. W.

Wonderful, I highly recommend visiting and resetting. 

A. R.

So happy I went and had this amazing experience. If you think you aren’t up to it, that’s when you should go.

J. F.

Cathy it was so very wonderful to meet you today.. You are a wonderful person. I was so happy with what I learned today. I will definitely be coming back.

L. W.

I wasn’t completely sure what Reiki or Chakra Balancing was, but Cathy was great! She explained the process and made me comfortable. The experience was very relaxing and positive. I’ve already recommended friends.                                                              .

R. O.

Cathy really helped me with my healing process after I broke my wrist. Things were very hectic and painful, but when I met with her, she was able to help me calm down. The environment was always very relaxing. When I went for my third x-ray, the doctors were surprised at how I had healed so quickly with the severity of the break. I cannot tell you how much having Reiki helped me physically and emotionally. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

T.  B.

 “Absolutely wonderful. I was a big ball of nerves the day I saw Cathy and she did her “magic”. She calmed me down, and realigned my chakras. Reiki is very calming and soothing, it gives your body a break from the fast pace world. I would and have recommended her to all my friends.”

C. L.

Cathy, not only is an amazing healer, but an outstanding teacher. If you are thinking about taking Reiki 1,2 or the masters course. I highly recommend Cathy. You will not be disappointed.

P.  P.

I always feel relaxed and renewed after a reiki session with this great lady!

S. S.

“I feel amazing since my last session! Seriously better than I have felt in a long time both physically and mentally! I’m just amazed at the difference!!! I’m officially hooked!!! 

J. T.

Cathy has incredible energy. Each time she works on me I feel a shift and healing. I highly recommend Cathy and her gentle spirit for healing and aligning your energy!”


“Cathy has hands like an Angel and beauty in her Soul. Lightworkers are sent to channel healing energy for all types of pain, they are chosen by the universe to take on the task of helping others to dismiss the darkness and stand in the light. Cathy is a magnificent example of a “Peaceful Warrior”, she has the gift of compassion yet the strength of her experience with children and animals.”

R. P. 

Excellent! I definitely recommend this experience!

V. B.

“Cathy made me feel amazing. Her ability to make everything calm and relaxed sets up an amazing healing experience and on top of that she gives you information to take away and continue your healing.”

A. C.

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  • I am confidential and maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • I am honest with my clients, and offer the best services and information to my ability.
  • I do not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law.
  • I refuse to participate in unethical procedures or conduct.
  • I continue to be up-to-date on all information; continue to educate myself to help meet the needs of my clients.
  • I am not a certified psychiatrist, doctor or counselor and I don’t claim to be.
  • Reiki sessions are not intended as a substitue for medical or psychological care.
  • I do not diagnose medical conditions, nor prescribe medication, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.
  • I am grateful for the gift of Reiki and for each client that chooses to come to me.

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