The Healing Benefits of Reiki

Dr. Oz Show


 Reiki Hits Mainstream Media on CNN

Reiki Hits Mainstream Media on CNN

City youngsters opt for Reiki to overcome drug addiction and stress

January 5, 2017

How Reiki Can Help Ease Stress & Fatigue: A Practitioner Explains

June 7, 2016

What Does the Research Say about Reiki?

July 2013 – Source: University of Minnesota

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study

May 2012 – Source: Green Lotus   

Science Measures the Human Energy Field

2009-2012  –   Source: International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

 The Science Behind Reiki

Source: Composite of sited research

Why Reiki is Being Used in Hospitals

Reiki education is offered free of charge in more than 800 American Hospitals as a means to accelerate the healing process and to alleviate pain.
Hospital list-pdf format

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