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Reiki I Class                   Reiki I is the beginning to learning how to take care of yourself. This class focuses on physical healing and self-healing. Learn how your body’s energy Learn more
reiki_karen_aboutReiki II Class                    Reiki II focuses on healing the mental and emotional level. This level heals past lives, assists with addictions and clears Learn more
f7195ef4-86d6-46c0-994c-accaa4e27767Reiki Master Series      This is a six month journey into deepening your reiki healing. It is only open to those individuals that have successfully Learn more

chakraUnderstand Chakras    This class teaches you about your energetic self. This class was developed to answer frequently asked questions about chakras.   Learn more

crystals  Crystal Workshop I have always been one of those kids that had rocks in her pockets. It doesn’t matter where I went, a rock would catch my attention out of the corner of my eye. Those rocks seem to call to me to pick them up and to take  Learn more  
spirit_guides.511803321 Meet Your Guides  I am asked several times during a reiki session or during a reading if my client has a spirit guide or an angel that helps her. Of course the Learn more  
10455403_10202430154546648_7705293787931971232_nGet Your Zen On    This class is now offered as a service.  Check availability.


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